Homer the Heretic (S3E4) Rank 10

Fun Fact: I (Josh) was about a week and a half into a horrible, undiagnosed head injury that was causing me to lose my mind at the time of recording the intro to this episode WAAAY back in June. Shortly after that I crashed for several months... Still recovering a bit (seriously, if you ever hit your head, get it checked out right away)... Steph and Jack are busy raising that baby of theirs... but most importantly we've started production on our next podcast which we're all really excited to start releasing some time next year! So this project's going to continue to be released on a "Ehhh... we'll see you when we see you" basis.

Anyway, in this one, I think we might have talked about how nobody goes to church anymore anyway and in turn, A LOT of middle America's relationship with religion in our lifetime. Other than that... What happened on Silicon Valley last season (it was still relevant at the time) and President Jed Bartlet's of the West Wing's trusted best friend and groundskeeper.

Who Shot Mr. Burns Parts 1 and 2 (S6E25 and S7E1) - Rank 11

Feat. Jack

Originally Published: 6-5-2017

Welcome to the official launch of season 3, in which our heroes race to finish this damned countdown of Simpsons episodes before the world comes to a tragic, climate change fueled end.

Betsy Devoss wasn't the first to remind us that you need a gun to protect your children from bears. We learned in this episode that Abe Simpson warned us years ago about such bear attacks. We'll also get into who stole which ideas from who: There Will Be Blood, Upton Sinclair, or these episodes of the Simpsons? Also, outing ourselves right now as being wholly unqualified to be critiquing pop culture in the first place because none of us have seen or care about Twin Peaks enough to appreciate Lisa and Chief Wiggum's dream sequence reference. We also hope you'll spare us just a few minutes to dive into conspiracies surrounding and our mother's love for Kendrick Lamar's still new-ish record.

Rosebud (S5E4) - Rank 12

Feat. Jack

Originally Published: 5-22-17

Here lies a time capsule of sorts of innocent laments from a simpler time... when there was hope of a world in which you could be proud to raise your children knowing that the president of your country hadn't openly bragged about committing sexual assault and would still get elected a few weeks later. Yeah. This was recorded around that time. When folks who talked about "red pilled cucks" were still a laughable fringe we could ignore. Weren't those the days?

But the Simpsons, like a beloved teddy bear tossed aside in exchange for promises of happiness through riches, is the comforting reason why we're all still here. So with that in mind, sit back, relax, think about which author would you like to own the only nude painting of and enjoy a Ramones cameo.

22 Short Stories About Springfield (S7E21) - Rank 13

...and the Flying Hell Fish (sort of)

Originally Published: 7-20-2016

You can try not to make your podcast episodes about Pokemon Go right now... but your podcast is DEFINITELY going to end up being about Pokemon Go. So why resist? Does it matter that Steph hasn't played it yet? No! Does it matter that Josh is only Level 10? No. Does it matter that she watched the wrong episode and was ready to talk about the mystery of the death of Asa Phelps over the fact that Steamed Hams is more of an Albany expression? No! When we come back after long breaks we come back strong and nothing matters except making sure the world knows just how bad a service provider Cincinnati Bell is. You hear that Cincinnati Bell? You're on our Poo Poo Platter of the Week!

Treehouse of Horror V - (S6E6) - Rank 14

Originally Published: 5-17-16

Holiday Grosums - (n.) - a seasonal affective disorder brought on by the act of being exposed to holiday programming (televised, printed, or otherwise) which is not currently in season. Today we explore the dangers of such exposure and who are the most likely jerks to purposefully cause such a disruption (Hint: it's usually dumb-dumb toddlers). In our case, it was caused mostly by poor scheduling. We bravely carry on to debate the validity of Simpsons Halloween specials (commonly known as the Treehouse of Horror series) as fan favorites. Personally we think there's only so many laughs you can squeeze out of hastily reframing classic films with America's most beloved cartoon family.

Itchy and Scratchy and Poochy - (S8E14) - Rank 15

Originally Published: 4-18-16

We hope you all are ready to celebrate the release of The Force Awakens on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital by getting serious about the theory of relativity in the Star Wars universe! We also reveal the pivotal turning point in which women suddenly matter in the Star Wars universe. But we promise, after that it's all Simpsons... Okay there might be a rundown of best first names for robot masters in Mega Man, with Josh showing some serious love shown for Hiro Geminiman. But THEN it's all about the shark jumping glory that is POOCHY and the poor, Harvard educated souls who are doomed to carry the awful burden of writing cartoon shows and bringing joy to millions of people all over the world.

Homer At TheBat - (S3E17) - Rank 16

Live at Overlook Lodge in Cincinnati!

Originally Published: 3-28-16

We are talking SOFTBALL people. In celebration of Josh's 30th birthday, the awesome folks at The Overlook Lodge in Cincinnati, Ohio let us record a LIVE episode and man was it a good one. We learned about what is in store for Tinder users on the other side of 30. But that wasn't until we really hashed out some serious baseball talk in honor of Ken Griffey Jr's swollen head, the upcoming start of Fantasy Baseball League and of course Reds Opening Day. There's something for everyone though. We've got hot tips for all of you listeners that just can't seem to escape Radon poisoning in your home and as always, spoilers for Interstellar abound.

Geez. This was such a good one! We're sorry we can't do them all live!

Radioactive Man - (S7E2) - Rank 17

Originally Published: 3-2-16

In the wake of the Oscars and Grammys we rundown our review of awards season and how knowing so much about them makes us old. But that means we've got tons of pro tips to keep bullied youngsters out of trouble. Our secret to fitting in with the cool kids? If it brings you joy, just don't do it... especially if it involves seeking out satanic messages in your favorite episodes of Bewitched. There's also a pretty hot debate about the face value of Mario Bros. 3 in a world where video games are a currency stronger than the US dollar: The mind of a 10 year old. Other tips include surviving the FOMO of not getting the part of your favorite super hero's sidekick in a big budget movie like Batman Vs. Superman.

Itchy and Scratchy Land (S6E4) - Rank 18

Feat. Jack (...kind of)

Originally Published: 2-8-16

Come children and gather nigh as we pray tell the tale of long lost wizard exchange student Jimmy Crush Throat. In West Philadelphia he was born and raised, but chasing tail at Hogwarts is how he spent most of his days. We'll also dig deep into Orlando theme park economics and their role in Walt Disney's crazy eugenics projects. But first we need to find out: What are New York's hottest baby names for 2016? Is your baby more of a Houston, Bowery or maybe even a Cronut? Find out in today's pod!

Radio Bart (S3E13) - Rank 19

Feat. Coy and Jack

Originally Published: 1-25-16

We welcome another casual Simpsons fan, but still all around good dude, Coy to the show this week to discuss his feelings on the "kid stuck in a well mania" that was the early 90s. More importantly, every young parent needs to hear this episode to learn why it's so important to make sure your 10 year old has a BOMB ass birthday part, so they don't end up in jail wearing an eye patch for slinging meth a few years later. There's also a good bit on how to rank your child hood fears and the terror of facing them all at once. A tornado of raccoons anyone? So download this episode to your favorite DAT player and let the good times roll.