Who Shot Mr. Burns Parts 1 and 2 (S6E25 and S7E1) - Rank 11

Feat. Jack

Originally Published: 6-5-2017

Welcome to the official launch of season 3, in which our heroes race to finish this damned countdown of Simpsons episodes before the world comes to a tragic, climate change fueled end.

Betsy Devoss wasn't the first to remind us that you need a gun to protect your children from bears. We learned in this episode that Abe Simpson warned us years ago about such bear attacks. We'll also get into who stole which ideas from who: There Will Be Blood, Upton Sinclair, or these episodes of the Simpsons? Also, outing ourselves right now as being wholly unqualified to be critiquing pop culture in the first place because none of us have seen or care about Twin Peaks enough to appreciate Lisa and Chief Wiggum's dream sequence reference. We also hope you'll spare us just a few minutes to dive into conspiracies surrounding and our mother's love for Kendrick Lamar's still new-ish record.