Homer the Heretic (S3E4) Rank 10

Fun Fact: I (Josh) was about a week and a half into a horrible, undiagnosed head injury that was causing me to lose my mind at the time of recording the intro to this episode WAAAY back in June. Shortly after that I crashed for several months... Still recovering a bit (seriously, if you ever hit your head, get it checked out right away)... Steph and Jack are busy raising that baby of theirs... but most importantly we've started production on our next podcast which we're all really excited to start releasing some time next year! So this project's going to continue to be released on a "Ehhh... we'll see you when we see you" basis.

Anyway, in this one, I think we might have talked about how nobody goes to church anymore anyway and in turn, A LOT of middle America's relationship with religion in our lifetime. Other than that... What happened on Silicon Valley last season (it was still relevant at the time) and President Jed Bartlet's of the West Wing's trusted best friend and groundskeeper.