services and rates

for Music and Audio post Production

Express Yourself With Professional Polish.

Home recording has become affordable and accessible, which is great. But a helping hand from a professional with the right gear and space can still make a huge difference. More importantly the right personality and experience at the helm of your project goes a long way to set your music or podcast apart from the crowd. Working with an engineer and producer who understands the desire to make a project your own while working on a budget can save you money and result in a better sound.

Flexible Pricing For Your Project's Needs

The project studio rates are only recommended for mix and edit projects that can be done remotely without clients present or select local clients doing minor tracking work like overdubs or voice over. Tracking can also be done on location for many projects and pricing is negotiable.

For more information about availability of space and equipment, please refer to the Gear page.









Podcast Production and Editing

Get Your Voice Out There.

My assistance here can range among any of the following and beyond:

  • You're a remote podcast or audio producer in need of tape sync recording.

  • You've got a great idea for a podcast to leverage your business or hobby, but no technical skill to make it happen.

  • You've figured out how to record in software like Audacity or GarageBand but you're wondering why your content doesn't sound as good as what you hear on other podcasts, NPR, or talk radio.

  • Your content is great, but you need great original music or help seeking rights to music you hope to use to add flavor.

  • You have to figure out how to get it into podcast libraries like iTunes and Stitcher, schedule it to post, write great notes that will get it noticed.

  • You recorded a cell call, outdoor interview, tape sync, etc. that has compromised sound quality and neither the tools or knowledge to clean up the audio.

I revel in this stuff. So let's make your show as great as it sounds in your head!


Cutting "umms" and mistakes, show notes.

$30/30 minutes of content





Content Creation

Original intros/outros, other music, narrative editing.

Approx. $175

20 to 30 sec Intro music + loop able bed

Audio and digital media Consultation

Launch Your Own Dream.

I'm a strong advocate of the DIY mentality for artists, teachers, and entrepreneurs who want to take audio technology into their own hands. But sometimes it takes more than YouTube tutorials to figure it all out. Some of us can reach our goals much faster making a one-to-one connection with a professional. This is where I can help!

I'm happy to get your audio or new media project or facility planned and operational; whether it's for personal, academic, or professional use. Having designed and built all of the studios for a 7000 sq/ft facility over the past decade, I can be of great help to consult with those who have needs for classrooms. I can also be especially useful to non-profits, or startups as I have written and laid out programming and equipment needs for grant proposals and requests for investor and foundation support in my professional career.

one time consultation

ongoing project support

$30/HR + Travel

determined on per project basis