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7-days notice for a session or job is preferred. However, I know remote clients in need of location recording and things of that sort are often strapped for time, so please contact me as early as possible. Sessions must be booked by appointment.

Note: I engineer full-time for Cincinnati Public Radio (Mon-Fri, 9 - 5), but am still available for freelance clients on week nights and a few weekend dates per month. Given that I already do so much engineering work, I am selective about who my time is scheduled with and how often I'll schedule sessions. If your project is on a tight deadline I may be able to refer you to other great engineers in the area.

Please call 567-204-2202 to confirm specific availability.


The Fine Print. In Plain Site.


  • A deposit of $100 per day is required to book a block multi-track session. $20 per day is required for hourly remote work. Project rate work will have a set percentage of the project requested as a deposit upfront. Any outstanding balance is due in full at the end of each session. The deposit is credited to your account, but is otherwise NON-REFUNDABLE. If you need to reschedule, we will re-apply your existing deposit to a new date if you give us at least 24 hours notice. No-shows, last minute changes and/or cancellations may result in LOSS OF DEPOSIT.
  • I accept cash, major credit cards, PayPal, and check. Invoicing is done through Square. If you pay by check, the check will have to clear before any masters, mixes or files are released. The returned check fee is $50.00. If paying by credit card you may be charged a small processing fee in the case of any refunds.
  • With block bookings, the clock starts once your gear is set in place. All hourly sessions begin at the scheduled start time, regardless of whether or not any band members are present. There is no free set up time for hourly bookings.
  • For remote tracking, travel may be charged at .50/mile.
  • Edits and mixes requested in a turnaround of less than 5 days may be charged a rate of $20 per file/project, unless a recurring schedule has been established.
  • No media (mixes, files, CD’s, etc.) will be released to anyone with an outstanding balance. One proof of mix, editing, or creative projects can be sent to clients with an outstanding balance for review, but files will have "digital watermarks" on them until full payment is received. Clients are responsible for paying any additional hours worked for requested changes on each draft of a project unless a flat project rate has been set in writing prior to the beginning of your project.


  • Computer files are uninsured. Elstro Production assume no responsibility for master tapes, computer files and/or any other items left on the premises. Any items left longer than 30 days may be disposed of at the discretion of Elstro Production.
  • Obviously, it’s in our best interest to protect your files. However, computers are not 100% reliable. Accidents can and do happen. The best way to safeguard your project is to make sure you leave each session with copies of all the current files. A hard drive or USB3 flash drive is ideal for this purpose. Elstro Production accepts no liability for data stored on our computers at any time.
  • For clients hoping to work remotely it is strongly recommended that you have regular access to a computer and email and are proficient with a file sharing service such as Drop Box, Google Drive, or We Transfer. It is very difficult to correspond exclusively by phone or share only physical files for the entire duration of a project.
  • When recording to hard disk (computer files), your session files will remain on our system until your project is finished. Once you are satisfied with your final mixes, you have the option of receiving an archive copy of your session files; a digital “master tape”. These are all the individual tracks that you recorded during the session: drums, instruments, vocals, etc, plus all the effects and level settings. We will archive your files to your drive at no additional cost.