The Fun Stuff.

Below you'll find a break down of a lot of the equipment available for your projects based on the studio and rate you book.

I own and am proficient with both Logic Pro X, Pro Tools 12, and Izotope RX 6 Advanced (for audio repair and restoration). Primarily my work is done in Logic, so if your project doesn't require that session files be shared back and forth with other engineers, it is recommended we create your project with that application.

Elstro Production Gear (Project Studio)

I maintain a comfortable and simple personal workspace that makes no compromise on sound. It still uses top notch A/D Conversion and editing and mix tools. More importantly, the room is acoustically tuned which is something most project workspaces overlook. This space allows me to work remotely or one-on-one with clients at a much more affordable rate.

Instruments and amplifiers

  • Fender Squire Strat guitar (Japanese 80's "lawsuit", as good as the expensive US made ones!)

  • Custom Telecaster style guitar

  • Epiphone Les Paul Gold Top (P90 Pickups)

  • Fender Jazz Bass

  • Aria fretless Bass (70's vintage, Japanese Rickenbacker "lawsuit" model)

  • Martin Acoustic

  • Fender Banjo

  • M-Audio Oxygen 49 MIDI Controller

  • Fender Super Reverb guitar amp

  • Mesa/Boogie Subway Rocket guitar amp

REMOTE/Mobile Recording

  • 2.9 GhZ i5, 13” MacBook Pro

  • Zoom H6 6-Track Portable Recorder

control room & monitoring

  • 3.5 GhZ i7, 27" iMac

  • UAD Powered Plug-ins

  • Sound Toys Plug-ins

  • Slate Digital Plug-ins

  • Izotope RX 6 Advanced

  • Ozone 8 Mastering Suite

  • Universal Audio Apollo Twin (10 in/6 out, 24-bit, 192K)

  • M-Audio BX8A and Kenwood floor monitors

  • Sennheiser HD280 Headphones

  • Samson headphone amp for input monitoring

  • Presonus Firestudio Project (8 additional mic pre interface)


  • Shure SM7B

  • AKG 414 (x2)

  • Shure SM58 (x3)

  • Shure KSM 27