22 Short Stories About Springfield (S7E21) - Rank 13

...and the Flying Hell Fish (sort of)

Originally Published: 7-20-2016

You can try not to make your podcast episodes about Pokemon Go right now... but your podcast is DEFINITELY going to end up being about Pokemon Go. So why resist? Does it matter that Steph hasn't played it yet? No! Does it matter that Josh is only Level 10? No. Does it matter that she watched the wrong episode and was ready to talk about the mystery of the death of Asa Phelps over the fact that Steamed Hams is more of an Albany expression? No! When we come back after long breaks we come back strong and nothing matters except making sure the world knows just how bad a service provider Cincinnati Bell is. You hear that Cincinnati Bell? You're on our Poo Poo Platter of the Week!