Rosebud (S5E4) - Rank 12

Feat. Jack

Originally Published: 5-22-17

Here lies a time capsule of sorts of innocent laments from a simpler time... when there was hope of a world in which you could be proud to raise your children knowing that the president of your country hadn't openly bragged about committing sexual assault and would still get elected a few weeks later. Yeah. This was recorded around that time. When folks who talked about "red pilled cucks" were still a laughable fringe we could ignore. Weren't those the days?

But the Simpsons, like a beloved teddy bear tossed aside in exchange for promises of happiness through riches, is the comforting reason why we're all still here. So with that in mind, sit back, relax, think about which author would you like to own the only nude painting of and enjoy a Ramones cameo.