EP 7 - It ALWAYS Starts With Goblins - Chapter 7

The reckoning of house 420 hath come upon the Dungeon Rascals! (That is to say, this episode was recorded on 4/20 so hold onto your butts) WHO WILL SURVIVE THE DEVILISH HERB'S THRALL!?

Anyway, their primary objective of recovering their map from Glasstaff seems to have evaded them thus far. But what's that commotion out in the streets? They'll investigate with all the subtlety and stealth they're known for.

They'll need all their brains and wits for this mystery. But Shaeyna has a plan; something she learned from the classic film Billy Madison. Aguayo will make an attempt at covert ops. And Maluna... well. She's just about fed up with the nonsense from both of these dummies.

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