EP 6 - It ALWAYS Starts With Goblins - Chapter 6

Maluna’s hearing voices, but the other Dungeon Rascals are keeping their eyes on the prize: promises of the dankest bud this side of Neverwinter. As their search for weed and (…oh yeah, that map to Wave Echo Cave that Glasstaff has!) continues. Will the next characters they meet be friend or foe? Looks like Maluna will have to get down on some v*****s' level to make negotiations and find out. But can she make it through a whole social interaction with a non-humanoid creature without putting an accidentally racist foot in her privileged half-elf mouth?

And for that matter, can anyone explain why Wizards of the Coast maintains the casually racist and hierarchical culture of Dungeons & Dragons lore after all these years?!

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