//Shining Kingdom// A New Podcast By Elstro Production

Shining Kingdom Logo.jpg

A Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, Improv Adventure

Join unlikely friends and adventurers Maluna Shadowgrimace, Aguayo the Papist, and Shaeyna Tealeaf in the world of Saddothra as their simple mission to loot an old lost mine thrusts WAY more responsibility to save the world upon them than anyone was in the mood for.

This is the Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition actual play podcast for players and non-players alike. Whether you're a masterful minmaxer or you couldn't care less what a critical attack bonus is, you'll be anxiously awaiting to hear the outcome of every roll. Shining Kingdom is equal parts improv comedy, group storytelling, radio drama, and live play of a tabletop RPG; tightly edited to keep the goofs and story coming. This serialized adventure is told on a "fortnite" basis (That's some SEO keyword craft right there. Don't hate!) with original music and soundscapes by a bunch of lifelong buddies who actually have chemistry together and didn't just sit a single mic in the middle of a table one day with the hope their friends are funny.

Available soon wherever you listen to podcasts. Rascal up!