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Who i Am. What I do.

  • Multi-track Music Production

  • Mixing and Mastering

  • Remote tracking for Podcast and radio - Studio or Field Recording and Tape Syncing

  • Remote Podcast editing, and mixing service

  • Podcast production

  • Audio restoration and cleanup

I am Josh Elstro, an audio engineer, musician, podcaster, and producer. In my past 12 years of audio engineering I've found myself doing a lot: recording, mixing, and mastering. For many, the list stops there.

My experience continues on: Instructing, writing, performing, live sound, stage managing, talk radio/podcast production,  promos, designing and constructing studios, and more.

If I've learned anything from this work, it's that every client is unique and has different goals. If a client is passionate about how something should sound, then I am too.

In early 2017 I began working as Audio Recording and Production Engineer for public radio. I am Technical Director for a daily live news show, produce segments for broadcast and podcasts, as well as record, mix, and master musical performances in our multi-track studio or remotely. I continue to offer my freelance engineering services as a side job when time allows because I enjoyed so much of my past experience recording music by indie rock acts, hip hop artists, and more. I love the experience of hearing a client's idea come to life.

My early experience was earned as Program Director and founding staff member of the Music Resource Center - Cincinnati. There I designed and managed a successful after school recording program for 8 and a half years serving over 2,000 Cincinnati area teens and producing 100's of commercial quality singles, mixtapes, and albums. The role molded me into an producer and engineer with great patience and understanding.

When you hire an engineer for your project you're not just hiring expensive gear. You're hiring experience and personality that will handle your project with care and respect.

I'm on your side to offer a friendly and personable helping hand. The last thing this industry needs is another condescending grump!


Working in studios and within the local music scene has given me the opportunity to befriend, work with, perform with, and learn from several area professionals in music and radio such as John Curley (The Afghan Whigs), Yoni Wolf (Why?), Alex Nauth (Foxy Shazam) Tim Timmerman (Jeff and Jen, Q102), Jay Kruz (Mix 94.9) and many more. Over the years I've also shared the stage performing with many of today's top national indie acts such as FIDLAR, Jeff Rosenstock (Bomb The Music Industry!), SWMRS, Bully, Dune Rats, Harry and the Potters and many more.


Curriculum Vitae

Support For Any Budget. Anywhere.

If your creative project requires professionally polished music or audio of any kind, I've got you covered.

The Project Studio makes no compromise on sound quality. Here I use the latest Universal Audio A/D conversion, high end Shure and AKG mics, Slate Digital, Izotope, and Sound Toys mix tools, and have designed an acoustically tuned space. This space is available for those needing audio mixing, editing, voice over, or other project studio work done remotely.

Previously operating out of Cincinnati, Ohio's legendary QCA Studio room at Ultrasuede, my former multi-track space for freelance and it's owner are in the process of relocating to The Lodge in nearby Dayton, KY. During this time I can still do remote mixing, editing, and mastering work in my Project Studio or help you record on location.

Simpler workspace for remote projects and tighter budgets

Simpler workspace for remote projects and tighter budgets


Let's Hammer Out a Sound

Here's Your Green Light.

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One of my favorite artists has a lyric "the only thing that punk rock should ever really be, Is not sitting round' waiting for the light to go green" But isn't this true of any great creative pursuit?

If you have an audio project you want to breathe life into, whether rehearsed and ready to record or still rolling around in your head, stop waiting for the green light! Send me a message and I can likely find a way to work with your budget. An initial, one time email consultation for any project or idea is free!