EP 10 - It ALWAYS Starts With Goblins - Chapter 10

Here it is folks. It’s the climax. What’s the mystery in Wave Echo Cave? Who is following the Dungeon rascals and will they be caught? Will Gundren ever stop getting in the way? What would it sound like if Sparrow the cat talked??

There’s plenty of mysteries left to solve in this Adventure Finale of Shining Kingdom! If you enjoyed this first adventure arc, be sure to head on over to Apple Podcasts or iTunes to give us a rating and review. And keep an eye on the feed. While Adventure 2 will be a few months off, it’s our hope to keep the occasional piece of bonus content posted to fill the void.

EP 9 - It ALWAYS Starts With Goblins - Chapter 9

Alright. It’s finally here. Wave Echo Cave. Let’s go.

It’s time to make Gundren show his worth. Have him lead the way through this dark and spooky old mine. Maybe even make him pet something dangerous. Who knows. We’re just going to wing this thing and see what happens. And it wouldn’t be a classic Dungeon Rascals caper without a complete naturally dysfunctional meltdown over life’s greatest question: Turn right or left?

Maluna’s going to keep sweet talking creatures of the night and Aguayo wants only one thing from Shaeyna… KICK THE HEAD!!!

EP 8 - It ALWAYS Starts With Goblins - Chapter 8

The reckoning of the Monster Energy Boyz hath come. Who are these mysterious blood thirsty savages that have been terrorizing the fair village of Phandalin? …It’s our girls and boy. We knew that. But can they keep that knowledge from the folks in this home where they’ve been caught committing their first B&E? Can Shaeyna continue to restrain old Glasstaff before he spills the beans on their identities? Aguayo still needs a lil’ help getting into this caper, but isn’t afraid to make threats from afar. Maluna might need to talk him off the ledge from more murders. And she’ll meet spy on something new and exciting along the way.

EP 7 - It ALWAYS Starts With Goblins - Chapter 7

The reckoning of house 420 hath come upon the Dungeon Rascals! (That is to say, this episode was recorded on 4/20 so hold onto your butts) WHO WILL SURVIVE THE DEVILISH HERB'S THRALL!?

Anyway, their primary objective of recovering their map from Glasstaff seems to have evaded them thus far. But what's that commotion out in the streets? They'll investigate with all the subtlety and stealth they're known for.

They'll need all their brains and wits for this mystery. But Shaeyna has a plan; something she learned from the classic film Billy Madison. Aguayo will make an attempt at covert ops. And Maluna... well. She's just about fed up with the nonsense from both of these dummies.

Bonus EP - Table Talk Interlude

*reggae airhorn* *reggae airhorn* *reggae airhorn* *reggae airhorn*


This one's for the nerds; the listeners out there who actually care about the Dungeon Rascals' stats, spells, abilities and other fancy doo-dads and what nots. If you're just in it for goofs and bad guy smashing, we won't be hurt if you skip this bonus mini-episode and wait till next week's. We're bumping these bad girls and boy up to level 3 and digging into the Player's Handbook... but there's still some good jabs at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell... because this is a Dungeons & Dragons show. So of course. Get on Twitch and smash that Like, Rate, and Subscribe button YA'LL!!

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EP 6 - It ALWAYS Starts With Goblins - Chapter 6

Maluna’s hearing voices, but the other Dungeon Rascals are keeping their eyes on the prize: promises of the dankest bud this side of Neverwinter. As their search for weed and (…oh yeah, that map to Wave Echo Cave that Glasstaff has!) continues. Will the next characters they meet be friend or foe? Looks like Maluna will have to get down on some v*****s' level to make negotiations and find out. But can she make it through a whole social interaction with a non-humanoid creature without putting an accidentally racist foot in her privileged half-elf mouth?

And for that matter, can anyone explain why Wizards of the Coast maintains the casually racist and hierarchical culture of Dungeons & Dragons lore after all these years?!

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EP 5 - It ALWAYS Starts With Goblins - Chapter 5

Well whoda’ thunk it. These dumb dumbs are being summoned to save the *checks notes* world? That can’t be right… It is? Oh no. This is not good. These people are total idiots!

Since that’s apparently what we’re stuck with, they best be off to recover that map for Gundren from old Glasstaff. Meanwhile, Shaeyna finds her newfound love is quickly lost to witness protection. And no. He does not care to shack up together. Don’t worry, she and the other Dungeon Rascals will surely take their disappointment out on some sleepy, no good-nick Red Bull boys.

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EP 4 - It ALWAYS Starts With Goblins - Chapter 4

Those Dungeon Rascals are out of the frying pan and into the gangland mobster town where you get shaken down and extorted just for stopping by. This hardly seems fair at all! But alas, Aguayo finds a use for his gold. And onward the party trudges, willingly suffering a racist, misogynist, ableist, sizist brute of a gangster in hopes of scoring some much needed information... and perhaps help his hateful heart find love.

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