EP 13 - On The Other Side - Chapter 3

The rascals have found themselves in a bit of a Scooby Doo kerfuffle here. Or is it more like a anthropomorphic household object based Disney property? Say Beauty and the Beast or Alladin? Either way Maluna’s having a tough go of it. But their daring mission through the sprawling citadel must charge on as the search for the magical staff… or avoid staph… or hire a staff.

Bonus EP - Season 1 Recap (NEWBEES CAN START HERE!)

You can probably start here if this is your introduction to the series and you don’t want to commit 12 or so hours to catching up.

That being said, is this a super thorough backlog of everything that’s happened so far? Eh… Not necessarily. It’s more like a Netflix season recap. It’s enough to help those returning to the show go “Oh yeah. I remember that.” While newcomers will go, “Oh okay. I’ve got a vibe on these characters. Let’s go.” Either way. Well worth a visit to our world!

See you next week for the launch of Season 2: On The Other Side!

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Bonus EP - BLOOPIES! (Season 1)

It’s a shame bloopers shows went out of style in the late 90s. Yes, we have YouTube now where you can see anyone do anything at all times. But it’s just not the same as the joy that came from watching you favorite celebs yuck it up in the credits of a bad comedy. It’s like you were pals. You were right there with them!

Well here’s some of others. Nonsense that was out of context of the show during Season 1, or some such thing. Get into it.

Bonus EP - Talking Shop with Josh (DM) and Sean (Shaeyna)

Welcome back Dungeon Rascal Gang! This is the first of a few pieces of bonus content we’re bringing you to fill the void while we make our best effort to finish recording season 2 in a reasonable time frame.

Our first offering is a conversation between Josh and Sean about getting started with Dungeons & Dragons and podcasting an improvised story. We’ll go behind the screen a bit to get into Josh’s planning. Talk some of Sean’s history and writing inspired by JRPGs himself. Cus our history runs deep. We’re talking Lunar: Silver Start Story, Final Fantasy Tactics. Get learned kids! You can also get a hint as to how to discover a mysterious recording of Josh discussing Dungeons & Dragons with comedian Chris Gethard.

EP 10 - It ALWAYS Starts With Goblins - Chapter 10

Here it is folks. It’s the climax. What’s the mystery in Wave Echo Cave? Who is following the Dungeon rascals and will they be caught? Will Gundren ever stop getting in the way? What would it sound like if Sparrow the cat talked??

There’s plenty of mysteries left to solve in this Adventure Finale of Shining Kingdom! If you enjoyed this first adventure arc, be sure to head on over to Apple Podcasts or iTunes to give us a rating and review. And keep an eye on the feed. While Adventure 2 will be a few months off, it’s our hope to keep the occasional piece of bonus content posted to fill the void.

EP 9 - It ALWAYS Starts With Goblins - Chapter 9

Alright. It’s finally here. Wave Echo Cave. Let’s go.

It’s time to make Gundren show his worth. Have him lead the way through this dark and spooky old mine. Maybe even make him pet something dangerous. Who knows. We’re just going to wing this thing and see what happens. And it wouldn’t be a classic Dungeon Rascals caper without a complete naturally dysfunctional meltdown over life’s greatest question: Turn right or left?

Maluna’s going to keep sweet talking creatures of the night and Aguayo wants only one thing from Shaeyna… KICK THE HEAD!!!