EP 15 - On The Other Side - Chapter 5

If a horse and a halfling cross through the halls of a library, and there’s only a near dead cultist and some mages there to see it, did it really happen?

The Dungeon Rascals are out of one frying pan and into another as things heat up in the stacks of the wizards’ study. Who gets burnt and who gets iced? And where’s that damn Spellforge Staff?

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EP 14 - On The Other Side - Chapter 4

It’s chaos in this atrium! Spells flying! Swords clanging! But what our rascals need is on the other side fo it all. A familiar face makes an appearance… but how? And the rascals don’t want to get caught so see how they cover it all up and dash into action in search of the Spellforge Staff and the Arcane Neutralizer.

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EP 13 - On The Other Side - Chapter 3

The rascals have found themselves in a bit of a Scooby Doo kerfuffle here. Or is it more like a anthropomorphic household object based Disney property? Say Beauty and the Beast or Alladin? Either way Maluna’s having a tough go of it. But their daring mission through the sprawling citadel must charge on as the search for the magical staff… or avoid staph… or hire a staff.

Bonus EP - Season 1 Recap (NEWBEES CAN START HERE!)

You can probably start here if this is your introduction to the series and you don’t want to commit 12 or so hours to catching up.

That being said, is this a super thorough backlog of everything that’s happened so far? Eh… Not necessarily. It’s more like a Netflix season recap. It’s enough to help those returning to the show go “Oh yeah. I remember that.” While newcomers will go, “Oh okay. I’ve got a vibe on these characters. Let’s go.” Either way. Well worth a visit to our world!

See you next week for the launch of Season 2: On The Other Side!

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Bonus EP - BLOOPIES! (Season 1)

It’s a shame bloopers shows went out of style in the late 90s. Yes, we have YouTube now where you can see anyone do anything at all times. But it’s just not the same as the joy that came from watching you favorite celebs yuck it up in the credits of a bad comedy. It’s like you were pals. You were right there with them!

Well here’s some of others. Nonsense that was out of context of the show during Season 1, or some such thing. Get into it.