Still Trying - EP 1 - So What's Wrong With You?

Leyla and Josh are still trying to figure it all out after 30: Dating, romance, career, general mental stability. These two besties are here to provide insight and catharsis to the sea of other outsiders and oddballs we know are out there struggling in these fields. Feel alone no more dear friends! They lay it all out, no holds barred, sifting through the ever changing hell-scape that is "modern romance" for millenials. They critique and review all aspects of dating culture, from dating app profiles, to communication, to actual dates. Doing it all in an uplifting space where two best friends of different identities can feel vulnerable enough to ask the scary questions we're all thinking ...and be free to risk looking stupid.

In this pilot episode, we're just gettin' comfortable for ya'll. We both dive into the premise of this show: Why are you still single? Is it actually even a problem if you are?