Still Trying - EP 31 - Men Are Dirtbags, Women Are Fleabags (It's Science)

Trigger Warning: This episode discusses a bizarre and uncomfortable form of sexual assault.

Congrats to Phoebe Waller-Bridge for winning some Emmy’s for her performance in Fleabag …which in turn gives a chance to discuss and critique it’s takes on relationships. We’ll explore it’s relevance to women vs. men and reflect on what it says about us. And is the whole 4th wall breaking, omniscient narrator thing trope played out in the “golden age of television”?

In this episode, we’ll also go meta on what it means for us to complain about the attention economy while actively participating in it. And do we want partners who feed us that same kind of attention we seek in our media work? Do we want a partner? Or another fan?

Finally, there’s that whole reddit/relationship_advice post about um, virginity checking. If you’ve ever been on that board, you know what we’re talking about… Yikes.

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