Still Trying - EP 30 - Vab On Em'

Let us just say, don’t look up “vabbing” before listening to this podcast. It will ruin the fun.

Otherwise we’re talking about when second chances pay off and you find yourself pleasantly surprised. Josh does a bit deeper analysis of dating app Hinge; exploring some educated guesses about what’s really happening under the hood with its algorithms. This episode also turned out to be a pretty good explainer of some buzzwords we’ve found ourselves throwing around this podcast for a while, but never very clearly explaining: “The Enneagram” and “Neoliberalism”.

The latter of which, we’ll explore as the catalyst or cause of our feedback loop of online loneliness and depression with the aid of reading series installment “Tell Me It’s Going to Be Okay” by Miya Tokumitsu in The Baffler. We highly recommend reading the whole thing! It’s great!

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