Still Trying - EP 21 - "Treat Yo Self" Mentality Has Us Hugging Toilet Bowls

On today’s episode, our hosts’ thirst is being quenched by Topo Chico! The best of all mineral waters.

Are you also getting just a little bit tired of trying to find a welcoming social space that doesn’t involve booze? Then you just might be “Sober Curious”. We explore this creeping trend, it’s merits, and the difficulties exploring sobriety fuels in the dating culture and socializing market. That market wants you to drink. It NEEDS you drink. It’s built it’s entire brand and profit model on your addiction to alcohol. So whaddaya’ gonna do? Give in? Opt Out? Fight back? Drink an ice cold Topo Chico instead? (We recommend the latter)

This episode includes another installment in our reading series: From The Atlantic we explore Millenials Are Drinking Less-But Still Not Sober by Amanda Mull

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