Still Trying - EP 22 (Featuring Peter Coffin) - Who’s Your Cultural Daddy(s) : Jordan Peterson vs. The Fab 5

In this corner we’ve got a meat eating, room cleaning, lobster loving daddy to incels everywhere, iiiiiiit’s JORDAN PETERSON. He’s got 12 Rules ready to take straight to the chins of his opponents.

From the trend reviving, self-love preaching, French tuck sporting world of Netflix iiiiiiit’s QUEER EYE’S FAB FIVE!

Now gentleman, I wanna see a clean fight with no patriarchy affirming or neoliberal, materialist success platitudes! And FIGHT!

Round 1 - Josh explains his thesis on the growing cultural phenomenon of self-help and self-care for men as exhibited by Peterson and Queer Eye. What’s the good and bad to take away? Who should be your guide to navigate isolated, lonely men out of their mom’s basement, away from Fortnite, and into a healthy existence capable of joy?

Round 2 - YouTube personality Peter Coffin (Many Peters, Very Important Documentaries, Adversaries) joins the conversation to add his thoughts on both of today’s subjects, modern masculinity, and agender identity. (Interview at approx. 35:00)

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