Still Trying - EP 20 - The Timeline in Which We'd Have Been Lifelong Sailor Moon Super Fans

We have both officially been sucked back into the dating app world, but Josh wants to go cold turkey off the damn things. Can he do it?

It's also birthday time for Josh and we'll discuss what it feels like to hit these milestone dates with and without a significant other in the picture; as well as whether or not that even matters to give yourself a special day.

We'll also hit the r/askwomen and r/askmen subreddits for some light fun regarding non-sexual things that are pretty damn sexy. Call upon the power of the moon Sailor Scouts because if you believe in string theory, there's a reality where Josh and Leyla got romantically involved real young, put on tons of weight, but didn't let it stop them from doing some fabulous cosplays at ComicCon!

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