Still Trying - EP 19 - Unpacking "A Girl Who Takes Herself Too Seriously"

Leyla’s ready to go OFF on some guys who need to rethink what they’re looking for in women. And yeah, they kind of deserve it.

Most of this episode we’re devoting to a couple pieces of dating media we came across these past few weeks. First up, new Netflix original series Dating Around. Five singles. One… uh… singleton? Who comes out making us want to be their friend? And who is a douche who deserves to get sent back to Staten Island?

We’ll also put our feet in our respective mouths discussing a recent project by The Cut entitled Beyond “The One” - Exploring Modern Polyamory. This time it seems we’re not the only ones who see the potentially fatal flaws in the lifestyle. But hey, we’re sincerely trying to work through this stuff in good faith. If we’re coming up short, get at us.


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