Still Trying - EP 18 - Having a Bit of a Week...

Josh survived speed dating, but it may have caused him to have a mental breakdown over Climate Change? Somehow? He’ll break it all down for you with his play-by-play of the most grueling and demanding sport a human can put their body through. And yes, we’re still talking about speed dating.

And we continue to meditate on the question, “Should I be dating?” This time the question gets more specific, “When watching Senator Diane Feinstein condescend to children is launching me into a spiral of gut-wrenching depression and paranoid conspiracy, should I be dating??” Along with this we’ll explore coping with loneliness and thirst for community in a world that actively works to stifle these things.

We’re toward the end of winter… we promise things will start to brighten up soon! We love you!

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