Still Trying - EP 17 - NO SNITCH TAGGING

Snitch Tagging - n. When someone is being talked about discreetly and somebody else tags the person who is being mentioned.

Just don’t do it. Be cool. If your friend is punching down, by all means, have a conversation with them. But don’t publicly call them out or anonymously squeal to an authority and try to get them cancelled. That my friends, is a bish move. Nobody likes a snitch.

But we’re approaching Valentine’s Day so like many cliched singles we’re out here living real existential depression hours. Wearing that mess on our sleeve for you, so you don’t have to. But this isn’t your classic hating on V-Day fest. No! We’re here to spin yarns about more carefully building social capital. And how much it sucks that we feel compelled to do that in the first place. From there we’ll take you deep into nihilist dread with the confrontation that everything we understand to be reality is just some freak’s pervertedly modded version of the Sims. On the bright side, that means you have no reason not to just go for it and chat up that long shot cutie.

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