EP 32 - Starring Ellen Degeneres as JOKER

Very minor spoilers in this episode for Joker, Season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy, and the awful class solidarity fo the ultra wealthy.

Folks. It’s time to get a little weird. Get a little twisted. True PSYCHOS know the new movie Joker is a dangerous trigger waiting to ignite a sleeper Incel …uhh… cell to come online and shoot up every movie theater in America. This is the end. This is what women MADE these men do and the media wants you to know that. But more importantly they want you to be scared. Fear for your lives as you sit down with your Cookie Pizza from Pizza Hut (TM) to enjoy what you thought was going to be a light romp about costumed men battling each other in duels of good and evil.

Actually, Josh saw Joker and it has nothing to do with any of that. We’re here to debunk this ridiculous Incel fear mongering over a movie being perpetuated by a blood thirsty media. We also find time to make a bet on who Leyla won’t text between now and our next episode.

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