Still Trying - EP 7 - But Seriously, Who Are OUR Sex And The City Analogs?

TW: This episode briefly and lightly touches on the subject of rape.

Josh is DEFINITELY a Miranda (BTW... Cynthia Nixon just happens to be up for election of Governor of New York in their primary next week. Just sayin.) Leyla could go Carrie or Charlotte though...

But, time to get serious. Josh makes fumbles for your gain. This episode is packed full of dating and life advice as learned from Josh failing to follow it. But growin' up in the aftermath... we hope! It's our first pull from the depths of r/Bumble and the horrors that lurk within. And this is honestly one of the lighter pieces of material you can find in there! We'll also touch on Leyla's newfound restraint from swiping and what it feels like to let the swiping cease. There's also a VERY valuable metaphorical reference to Good Will Hunting that's going to solve all your preservation needs. We swear... or at least Josh does. Leyla's never seen it and fairly thinks it sounds silly. One of the writers was a young Matt Damon and the other was, well... just any age Ben Affleck.