Still Trying - EP 6 - To Reach or Settle?

That is the question today. Put on your science hats folks. We're taking a look at some interesting new data about how we engage with dating apps by Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Michigan, Dr. Elizabeth Bruch. Apparently we're all on Tinder itching to get a right swipe from somebody 25% "out of our league". We'll sift through the findings of The Atlantic's article on the study (Dude, She’s (Exactly 25 Percent) Out of Your League) and contemplate our own place on the desirability hierarchy. Hint: Like most people, we're probably pretty narcissistic about it.

We'll also work out some dating tips learned from each others dating experiences over the last week, but likely run dry on what to do when sparks don't fly when you give it a whirl with someone who started as a friend first... "I'll see you when I see you? I'll call you?" Eh, more than likely, I'll probably just try to hide in a corner and bury my face in my phone every time I see you out in public forever and ever, amen.

Additional music in today's Episode: "Outta My League" by Team Stray