Still Trying - EP 11 - Low Key Stalking

Our dear friend Heather is on the show today to teach us the secrets to finding a partner: Low key stalk somebody. She would know. She’s married to “a literal angel”. (Her words. Seriously!) That’s not to say she didn’t experience bumps in the road along the way. We’ll hear of her experience getting out of the single world just before the Tinder craze swiped the nation and dating someone with a screamo band neck tattoo. It involves a car theft. It gets pretty wild. After hearing how easy married folks make this whole dating game look, Leyla will get a brand new dating challenge we’re anxious to hear results on.

And of course, Josh is here to circle back around to the geopolitical climate’s impacting romantic and inter-gender relations. His prediction of the rights mainstream weaponization of the #MeToo movement was on overdrive and came to fruition before we even got our next episode out! There’s doctored tapes and wild accusations abound today!

Jim Acosta? He hardly touched her!! (Say it with a hard “drop the R” Boston accent. I swear this format works here.)