Still Trying - EP 23 - 75th Percentile Avocado Fetus

From first kisses to first times crankin’ it, middle school (and high school for others… no shame) is a weird ass time. So let’s dive in with the blunt-force help of the new Hulu Original series Pen15. We’ll discuss how we’ve connected with this fantastically accurate depiction of pre-9/11, pre-teen life. What were friendships like? What were crushes like? Why didn’t we act on intelligence regarding domestic terror activity?

Josh also develops the One Dating App to Rule Them All (TM) while giving into his swiping addiction and going full-force into the game.

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Still Trying - EP 22 (Featuring Peter Coffin) - Who’s Your Cultural Daddy(s) : Jordan Peterson vs. The Fab 5

In this corner we’ve got a meat eating, room cleaning, lobster loving daddy to incels everywhere, iiiiiiit’s JORDAN PETERSON. He’s got 12 Rules ready to take straight to the chins of his opponents.

From the trend reviving, self-love preaching, French tuck sporting world of Netflix iiiiiiit’s QUEER EYE’S FAB FIVE!

Now gentleman, I wanna see a clean fight with no patriarchy affirming or neoliberal, materialist success platitudes! And FIGHT!

Round 1 - Josh explains his thesis on the growing cultural phenomenon of self-help and self-care for men as exhibited by Peterson and Queer Eye. What’s the good and bad to take away? Who should be your guide to navigate isolated, lonely men out of their mom’s basement, away from Fortnite, and into a healthy existence capable of joy?

Round 2 - YouTube personality Peter Coffin (Many Peters, Very Important Documentaries, Adversaries) joins the conversation to add his thoughts on both of today’s subjects, modern masculinity, and agender identity. (Interview at approx. 35:00)

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Still Trying - EP 21 - "Treat Yo Self" Mentality Has Us Hugging Toilet Bowls

On today’s episode, our hosts’ thirst is being quenched by Topo Chico! The best of all mineral waters.

Are you also getting just a little bit tired of trying to find a welcoming social space that doesn’t involve booze? Then you just might be “Sober Curious”. We explore this creeping trend, it’s merits, and the difficulties exploring sobriety fuels in the dating culture and socializing market. That market wants you to drink. It NEEDS you drink. It’s built it’s entire brand and profit model on your addiction to alcohol. So whaddaya’ gonna do? Give in? Opt Out? Fight back? Drink an ice cold Topo Chico instead? (We recommend the latter)

This episode includes another installment in our reading series: From The Atlantic we explore Millenials Are Drinking Less-But Still Not Sober by Amanda Mull

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Drink Topo Chico.

Still Trying - EP 20 - The Timeline in Which We'd Have Been Lifelong Sailor Moon Super Fans

We have both officially been sucked back into the dating app world, but Josh wants to go cold turkey off the damn things. Can he do it?

It's also birthday time for Josh and we'll discuss what it feels like to hit these milestone dates with and without a significant other in the picture; as well as whether or not that even matters to give yourself a special day.

We'll also hit the r/askwomen and r/askmen subreddits for some light fun regarding non-sexual things that are pretty damn sexy. Call upon the power of the moon Sailor Scouts because if you believe in string theory, there's a reality where Josh and Leyla got romantically involved real young, put on tons of weight, but didn't let it stop them from doing some fabulous cosplays at ComicCon!

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Still Trying - EP 19 - Unpacking "A Girl Who Takes Herself Too Seriously"

Leyla’s ready to go OFF on some guys who need to rethink what they’re looking for in women. And yeah, they kind of deserve it.

Most of this episode we’re devoting to a couple pieces of dating media we came across these past few weeks. First up, new Netflix original series Dating Around. Five singles. One… uh… singleton? Who comes out making us want to be their friend? And who is a douche who deserves to get sent back to Staten Island?

We’ll also put our feet in our respective mouths discussing a recent project by The Cut entitled Beyond “The One” - Exploring Modern Polyamory. This time it seems we’re not the only ones who see the potentially fatal flaws in the lifestyle. But hey, we’re sincerely trying to work through this stuff in good faith. If we’re coming up short, get at us.


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Still Trying - EP 18 - Having a Bit of a Week...

Josh survived speed dating, but it may have caused him to have a mental breakdown over Climate Change? Somehow? He’ll break it all down for you with his play-by-play of the most grueling and demanding sport a human can put their body through. And yes, we’re still talking about speed dating.

And we continue to meditate on the question, “Should I be dating?” This time the question gets more specific, “When watching Senator Diane Feinstein condescend to children is launching me into a spiral of gut-wrenching depression and paranoid conspiracy, should I be dating??” Along with this we’ll explore coping with loneliness and thirst for community in a world that actively works to stifle these things.

We’re toward the end of winter… we promise things will start to brighten up soon! We love you!

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Still Trying - EP 17 - NO SNITCH TAGGING

Snitch Tagging - n. When someone is being talked about discreetly and somebody else tags the person who is being mentioned.

Just don’t do it. Be cool. If your friend is punching down, by all means, have a conversation with them. But don’t publicly call them out or anonymously squeal to an authority and try to get them cancelled. That my friends, is a bish move. Nobody likes a snitch.

But we’re approaching Valentine’s Day so like many cliched singles we’re out here living real existential depression hours. Wearing that mess on our sleeve for you, so you don’t have to. But this isn’t your classic hating on V-Day fest. No! We’re here to spin yarns about more carefully building social capital. And how much it sucks that we feel compelled to do that in the first place. From there we’ll take you deep into nihilist dread with the confrontation that everything we understand to be reality is just some freak’s pervertedly modded version of the Sims. On the bright side, that means you have no reason not to just go for it and chat up that long shot cutie.

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Still Trying - EP 16 - Life Integration Strategies for Efficient Relationships and Maximized Emotional ROI

You’ll be like Neo seeing the code in the Matrix after this one baby! Romance, dating, love, are all just transactions in the marketplace of ideas! Your emotions, your feelings, your hopes, your dreams; they’re all just products waiting to be bought and sold to and by the holders of the most impressive personality resumes. Oh, and billionaires. They’re DEFINITELY taking their cut.

We’re going to tackle socializing and befriending Normies when you’re an elitist brat. It’s also our first foray into the quirky world of dating app Hinge. Finally we’ll Ask a Fuck Up. Reading series returns with Brandy Jensen’s (@BrandyLJensen) advice column from I’m Still in Therapy. Should I be Dating? The answer is C. Definitely C.