EP 32 - Starring Ellen Degeneres as JOKER

Very minor spoilers in this episode for Joker, Season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy, and the awful class solidarity fo the ultra wealthy.

Folks. It’s time to get a little weird. Get a little twisted. True PSYCHOS know the new movie Joker is a dangerous trigger waiting to ignite a sleeper Incel …uhh… cell to come online and shoot up every movie theater in America. This is the end. This is what women MADE these men do and the media wants you to know that. But more importantly they want you to be scared. Fear for your lives as you sit down with your Cookie Pizza from Pizza Hut (TM) to enjoy what you thought was going to be a light romp about costumed men battling each other in duels of good and evil.

Actually, Josh saw Joker and it has nothing to do with any of that. We’re here to debunk this ridiculous Incel fear mongering over a movie being perpetuated by a blood thirsty media. We also find time to make a bet on who Leyla won’t text between now and our next episode.

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Still Trying - EP 31 - Men Are Dirtbags, Women Are Fleabags (It's Science)

Trigger Warning: This episode discusses a bizarre and uncomfortable form of sexual assault.

Congrats to Phoebe Waller-Bridge for winning some Emmy’s for her performance in Fleabag …which in turn gives a chance to discuss and critique it’s takes on relationships. We’ll explore it’s relevance to women vs. men and reflect on what it says about us. And is the whole 4th wall breaking, omniscient narrator thing trope played out in the “golden age of television”?

In this episode, we’ll also go meta on what it means for us to complain about the attention economy while actively participating in it. And do we want partners who feed us that same kind of attention we seek in our media work? Do we want a partner? Or another fan?

Finally, there’s that whole reddit/relationship_advice post about um, virginity checking. If you’ve ever been on that board, you know what we’re talking about… Yikes.

Still Trying - EP 30 - Vab On Em'

Let us just say, don’t look up “vabbing” before listening to this podcast. It will ruin the fun.

Otherwise we’re talking about when second chances pay off and you find yourself pleasantly surprised. Josh does a bit deeper analysis of dating app Hinge; exploring some educated guesses about what’s really happening under the hood with its algorithms. This episode also turned out to be a pretty good explainer of some buzzwords we’ve found ourselves throwing around this podcast for a while, but never very clearly explaining: “The Enneagram” and “Neoliberalism”.

The latter of which, we’ll explore as the catalyst or cause of our feedback loop of online loneliness and depression with the aid of reading series installment “Tell Me It’s Going to Be Okay” by Miya Tokumitsu in The Baffler. We highly recommend reading the whole thing! It’s great!

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Still Trying - EP 29 - The Boys of London

Great Epstein’s ghost! We are finally back from summer vacation and things are humming along in standard order around here… The world is still being run by a cabal of billionaire pedophiles, the debate over what it takes to mow down 30-50 feral hogs has died down, and any actual worldly concern is diminished by a marketing ploy to have us foaming at the mouth about whose chicken sandwich is better. Some of you seemed upset about us being gone, but trust us, you’re better off missing out on Josh’s Epstein Brained takes of the past month and a half.

So where were we? We’re here to jump back in with personal updates and questions about the state of our dating lives. Are we even capable of doing this anymore? Leyla is fresh off the boat from the jolly old rains of London and the sulking in the ennui of leaving Paris. But she’s somewhat ready to tell us what the boys on Tinder are like across the pond. Also, Josh apologizes for his characterizations of British people in this episode (but not really).

Still Trying - EP 28 - Here's To a Year of Trying!

It’s been a year of airing out our personal lives for you all while mining the news and culture for understanding why developing relationships is so damn hard. What have we learned?


Plenty! We’ll revisit some of our favorite moments and personal revelations from the past year and explore thoughts on where we can take things in the next year! Other topics include why you’re getting a lil’ depressed and discouraged at the height of summer and explore a recently updated study from Stanford University - Disintermediating Your Friends. Or normal speak, how the heck have hetero couples been meeting their partners? Find more here from The Guardian.

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Still Trying - EP 27 - In Defense of Gamer Girl Bathwater

Do you find yourself reaching out in the night, desiring the warm touch of another human? A companion who you can trust with your closest guarded secrets? Someone to hold you and tell you everything’s going to be okay?

Well, we’re all out of that.

What we do have is certified Gamer Girl Bathwater. Literally bathwater that has been waded in by your favorite cosplayers and streamers on sale for $30 a jar because this is 2019 and that’s a thing we do now. On today’s episode we’ll break down the commodification of sexuality in the form of, uh… bathwater as we sift through the fall out of Instagram influencer/weirdo (depending on which generation you ask), Belle Delphine’s sale of her personal bathwater. Important note from the uh… creator?: "This water is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes,"

As is often the case for us, we’ll also revisit naturalism and whether we’re too selfish to parent or too tired.

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Still Trying - EP 26 - The Handmaid's Tale Themed B-Day Party of Which We Do Not Speak

Reality TV is here to rectify the way we perceive relationships for us without us knowing. And we’re so here for it. Josh has fallen in love with the Bachelorette… the show. Not Hannah Brown herself. Although who could blame him if he did? It’s cultural conditioning. But in all seriousness, Josh takes to his critical media theory corner going to bat for the series as a work of modern art that teaches us about ourselves.

We’ll also debate the use of the term “Emotional Labor” in correlation with romantic relationships vs. the work place. Is it owed scare quotes? Or is it a fair assessment of negativity in a relationship?

And one more thing. We’ve revolutionized the way you’re going to find that special someone. And it doesn’t even require you to pull out your phone. We’re calling it Soft Eyes and we just know you’re going to love it. And even better, we’re making it available in your local bar, TODAY.

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Still Trying - EP 25 - Aloof Girls

*Note: We somehow ran out of tape recording this episode, so the last 10-15 minutes are gone forever. Whoops! Clean out your SD cards folks.

We’re discussing the mental results of removing oneself from all dating apps. The calming highs and the lonesome lows. The mystery of aloof cool girls is uncovered with an exploration of Mashable article In the dating game, women are pressured to play the part of a stereotypical 'cool girl'" by Rachel Thompson. And some unrelated content: Josh gives ya’ll the full story of how to #BlazeIt420 legally in the state of Ohio after receiving a bunch of questions on Instagram.

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